Arkaya comes from Sanskrit word Arka which means Light, Healing and Inspiration. ARKAYA means with/unto the light. It is the quality of the sun that heals afflictions. It embodies the guru (dispeller of darkness) spirit, throwing light on the undiscovered aspects of ourselves.

It is a space founded by Yogacharini Maitreyi where the light of illumination can shine through each one of us. It is a space, where one can embrace all aspects of oneself with love and consciousness to allow the unnecessary to just melt away. It is an organic space where one can synchronize with source and rise to one’s highest potential.

ARKAYA’s objective is to empower people through the courses , events and awareness programs it enables. It aims at building EVOLUTIONARIES

One feels inspired to rest in and savour ones BEING. The centre is devoted to infusing the spirit of self-awareness, which is symbolized by the word ARKAYA. Welcome to Arkaya and glow from within.

ARKAYA has three major divisions:

1. Classical Arkaya Yoga

Conducts Yoga programmes and regular classes for adults and children.

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2. Arkaya Foundation

kidsThe vision of Arkaya Foundation is to empower and enhance the lives of children, especially from backgrounds that have much untapped potential. Read more

3. Arkaya Corporate Solutions

kidsTrains corporates in the application of Yogic concepts in self management and stress management.

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230-Hr Yoga Teacher Training/
Enlightened Leadership Program

The Yoga Teacher Training course is an adventure of self discovery. It is a very unique and indepth programme that will result in a deeper connection to yourself and everything around.

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