Yogic Diet and Recipes

Let food raise your consciousness – Maitreyi

Yoga differentiates food into three main classifications according to the life force inherent as well its influence on the mind.

Sattva is the quality of still alertness and we want foods also to help us be in this state. Food choices are made not only regarding what we eat, but when, how and how much we eat. Also how the food is procured is very important. Have a lot of chemical pesticides been added to it and how has it been processed are questions we need to ask. Do not get obsessive about food yet do not neglect it. A balanced attitude is necessary. As much as moderation is the key one also learns to get benefits from fasting and feasting.

Tapioca mango pudding ( serves 6)

I usually make this for festivals and sometimes take it to classes. It has always been a big hit because of the sugar being mild and having a sweet as well as slightly tangy taste

450 mg of granulated tapioca

500 ml coconut milk

3 tablespoons palm sugar or coconut sugar

one mango cut into pieces or 2 cups frozen organic mangoes

Cardamom –

Coconut flakes (optional)

Tofu Satay

This recipe was developed by chef Sitaraman of the GRT hotel in Chennai/India in 2003 for the Arkaya program the 3M Magick of Mindfulness

He along with Maitreyi’s initiative, also put together a salad bar which takes the concept of a bartender mixing drinks into this space of salads and have chefs making a mix according to peoples creativity and vision as well as guiding them.

Ingredients for Tofu Satay ( Indian style)

Firm tofu (cut into batons) – 250 gms

Curry powder – 40 gms

Lemon juice 15 ml

Olive oil – 6 tsp

Ginger chopped – 1 tsp

Salt – to taste

Chilly powder to taste

Brown sugar -1/2 tsp

Water 20 ml

Make a mixture of salt, olive oil, lime juice,sugar,ginger,chilly powder with 2 tsp of olive oil and water. Dip tofu in marinade and soak for half an hour. Heat grill. Add a tsp of olive oil and grill tofu nicely till golden brown. Serve hot with fresh salad.

Coriander and orange tea

1/4 bunch of coriander

3 oranges juiced

2 cups of water

Boil coriander for 2 mins in boiling water. Remove from fire and after it slightly cools add the orange juice. This tastes great without sugar.