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3M Magic of Mindfullness

A one day FUN shop for self and stress management

“Minding The Body, Mending the Mind and Managing Moods”- A stress management programme based on Yoga helps one to bring out ones true potential.

The popular 3M Magic FUNshop is a practical approach to identify and release stress that is there on many levels, of the body, mind, and emotion. It helps one to be aware of and integrate body, emotions, mind and soul.

Aim: The 3M Magic will give specific tools that would help the participant cope with present-day work place and personal situations that are ridden with mental and emotional stress, poor fitness levels, over-stretching for deadlines, strained family ties and lifestyle related issues. It helps to enhance life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It makes a person become vibrant, full of energy and face the day with joy. It enhances inner peace and stability. Long-term support for practice is provided.


  • Stress and its symptoms
  • Ergonomics, body alignment, postural habits
  • Neuro-postural programming
  • Diet management, sleeping and breath patterns that might cause tension.
  • Inter-relatedness of body, emotions, mind and intellect.
  • Perceptual awareness
  • Befriending the Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Conscious Choices.
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Breaking the loop of unhealthy habits. Optimizing energy.
  • Releasing anger and depression
  • Having a vision for ones life
  • Relationship management.

YOGA is balance


  • Practical and experiential exercises and explanations for better self-understanding.
  • Body movements as well as Cathartic and Awareness exercises.
  • Tension releasers that can be adopted while at work.
  • Breath awareness techniques to understand emotional states.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Visualizing techniques that provide better focus.
  • Programming the sub-conscious mind.

YOGA helps one play the game of life both skillfully and fairly


  • Reduced stress levels – holistic healthC
  • Clarity of thought, focus and concentration
  • Zest for life- High motivation levels
  • Open Communication
  • Increased self – esteem and confidence
  • Relationship healing
  • Drawing abundance into ones life
  • Increase in energy and moving to higher frequencies
  • Vibrant and healthy inner and outer environment
  • Increased awareness and joy

Yoga is bringing to being one’s potential


Playful. Yoga is the most ancient science of Self Management & Transformation

Corporate Feedback

“As part of a Faculty development program, we had invited Ms. Maitreyi to speak to our participants. She spoke for three hours and enthralled us with lucid examples of connections within the body and the connection between man and the universe. She explained how different types of food affect our bodies and mind. She told us how posture has a direct bearing on back pain and taught how to relieve pain. She showed easy exercises, which they could practice even in their work area.  Maitreyi is very knowledgeable, pleasant, energetic and passionate. I have been recommending her program to everyone.”
-  Shiva, Manager Human Resources, TCS

“We have been using the services of Ms. Maitreyi in conducting Yoga sessions for our employees. We find the program very useful and interesting. Maitreyi’s skill and knowledge in the field really helps to keep the vigour of the program high. We have plans to continue with her services after the current batch of trainees complete their program, as we want to carry the benefits of the program organization wide. Her discipline in adherence to time and schedule is commendable. “
- Kamali Rajesh, Associate Vice-President – Human Resources, Ford India Limited

“I was in a state of euphoria after attending Maitreyi’s workshop on Minding the body, Mending the mind and Managing moods. It has enhanced my concentration in my work. It has unleashed my creative insight and enhanced my self-confidence. I have become very healthy both mentally and physically.“
- N.C. Balachandran, Manager (Operations), Madras Management Association

It is brilliant and knowledge oriented. I wish to get involved in it more and more
- Debee Prasad CTS

Excellent-Very enlightening-Learnt simple techniques which can be easily practiced
- Ramya Venkateswaran, Citi Bank

It was totally new and the best way to have peace in life
- Rajshri Balasubramaniam, Satyam Computers

My belief about taking responsibility for one’s life has become even stronger
- Maya HR CTS

Excellent practical workshop on Yoga
- Mohan Kumar EID Parry.

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The Foundation/ Yoga Bija Course (35hr programme)


The Yoga Bija means Yogic seed. Plant seeds of harmony. Learn to HARMONISE all areas of your life and relationships. Enhance and integrate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Move from just intellectually understanding to REALISING. Create deeper CONNECTIONS

This 35 hr (30 class hrs + 5 seva hr) Foundation / Yoga Bija course is part of the 230 hour Yoga Teacher’s Programme (190hrs + 40 seva hrs) and can also be done independently with Yogacharini Maitreyi, a Practical Mystic originally from India. Click here to read about Yogacharini Maitreyi

Included in the Foundation course is also the one day programme, the Magick of Mindfulness.


Yoga Bija Foundation Bija Course

Contents Of The Course:

  • From Stress to Serenity
  • Classical Yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Creating a synergy of the right and left brain
  • Releasing old unnecessary karmic (thought,emotional and behavioural) patterns and traumas
  • Conscious boundary setting
  • Strengthening the nervous system
  • Being in tune with your rhythm
  • Multidimensional thinking
  • Acceptance of ones vulnerabilities, shadow side / sub conscious fears and releasing them.
  • Learning to Simplify (Purify), Slow down, Stabilise and Synthesize.
  • Aligning Body,Emotions and Mind with the Divine
  • Enjoying the process and become playful

Upcoming Foundation/ Yoga Bija programmes


Yoga Bija in Vancouver, Canada. June 2 – June 30, 2015

  • June 28th 10.00 to 7.00 p.m  – The Magick of Mindfulness
  • July 5th to 5.00 p.m
  • July 12th to 5.00 p.m
  • July 19th to 5.00 p.m

Yoga Bija in Chennai, India. 16th Feb to 17th Mar, 2016

Dates in Feb 2016 to be announced soon.

Effortlessly move towards your core. Stabilise and Soar. Open to more love yet be grounded enough to draw healthy boundaries. You will be able to truly love and connect with depth.

This is a Certified programme for creating deeper shifts

  • Yoga Bija denotes the seed of wholesome communion that sprouts in the minds of those who do the practice
  •  It has the potential to release us from old binding thought patterns, emotional and behavioral patterns
  •  Helps dissolve old energy blocks
  •  Whatever is unnecessary will naturally fall away gently
  •  Life becomes the practice
  •  More multidimensional thinking
  •  Become aware of and dissolve old samskaras or behavioural patterns
  • Classical Yogic Diet and Lifestyle
  • Create a synergy of the Right and Left Brain
  • Alignment of head, heart and hands
  • Working with and harmonizing polarities
  • Imbibing Neuro Energetic Programming
  • Releasing old unnecessary karmic patterns and cellular traumas
  • Learning to BE as well as consciously DO.
  • Learning to Simplify (Purify), Slow down, Stabilise and Synthesize.
  • Enjoying the process and become playful
  • Embracing what is.

The course will enable you to move towards your higher purpose, despite you being in the way. So integration time is necessary.


Real life assignments are given.

For workshop facilitator’s profile check and go to founder’s profile.

Please note the Foundation programme is one of the segments of the Yoga Teacher’s /Enlightened Leadership programme.

This is a 190 hr + 40 hr course that enables the person to do the personal work that is required to be able to teach. When one teaches it is natural and a result of the work one has done. It becomes part of ones being

The 190 hr trainer’s programme consists of doing the Foundation course three times and another 100 hrs of work.

A long term approach is what I would reccomend for the changes to integrate in the system. Hence the trainer’s course is spread across two or three years and can be done at one’s own pace. This allows time for the refinement and subtleties to sink in. For more details about the teacher’s/self discovery programme contact


What is expected of you in the Yoga Bija/ Foundation Course and what to expect

1. Please be present for each class unless otherwise exempted in case one has a prior important appointment.

2. Be on time for each class.

3. Bring a yoga mat and bottle of water

4. Avoid strong chemical scents and perfumes

5. Write about the subject chosen by you for contemplation

6. Complete the Seva (service) projects and write the insights from it.

7. Develop the capacity to SEE oneself in a loving space

8. There may be a cleansing process which could be a physical cleansing like loose bowel movements, night sweats or old traumas coming to the surface. Old fears surfacing in the form of nightmares or dreams.

9. Whenever the cleansing is too much let the facilitator know and the intention of gentler cleansing will be held. Do not try to clear it all out all at once.

10. You will become more aware of how you are projecting on others and others are projecting on you.

11. You will become more comfortable with your emotions without having to suppress them, become depressed or explode.






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Arkaya Yoga Teacher’s Training

A 230 hr programme (with 40 hrs of seva and community creation)

 Welcome to the path of conscious evolution! This Yoga teacher training course is an adventure of self discovery.

It is a very unique and in-depth programme to connect deeper with oneself. This will result in a deeper connection to everything around. One will also learn to access and cultivate discernment and detachment to connect yet not be over attached.

It is structured in a very unique way to facilitate transformation. It enables you to build the roots for a yoga life.

The programme is spread across time and one can do it in one, two or three years. This is to enable positive shifts to take place and allow for integration time. Though the programme covers 190 hrs there is a lot more time covered through seva, personal work and a step by step method of evolving. The mis-alignments in the physical, emotional and mental systems are rebalanced and one moves into a space of effortless effort where the practice and the yoga life become enjoyable.
Students look at all areas of their life and yoga is absorbed and lived rather than achieved.
A comprehensive set of tools are taught in the space of lightness and ease

There are four segments to the Teacher’s programme. One has to complete atleast three Foundation or Yoga bija courses that covers 90 hrs of study and 15 hrs of seva in total and another 100 hrs of training and 25 hrs of seva (conscious service to one’s higher self and community). Or the person can complete one foundation course, One healing retreat and the 100 hour program

The foundation and teacher training courses are taught in Chennai/India and  Vancouver/Canada once a year. The hours can go towards your yoga alliance accredited hours should you choose to register with them.

Each time one does or participates in a foundation course a different layer of the system is accessed and refined. There are layers and layers of unconscious samskaras or habit patterns and tendencies to be released. This is only the tip of the iceberg and helps one light the torch to see the next conscious step in the journey. Many have done the foundation program for over 5 times and feel layers of their unhealthy past peel off like a snake skin.
Through the process one refines Tamas ( inertia, darkness, ignorance, fogginess) and  Rajas (agitation, impulse, restlessness) towards sattva
(alive stillness, alertness).

Yogacharini Maitreyi facilitates both a subtle and powerful energy which participants need to integrate. She helps people integrate both the mystic experiences with living in the material world.

One also has the opportunity to integrate them in one’s life by working on real time or real life projects rather than just bookish knowledge. One learns to be aware of one’s boundaries and create conscious clear spaces for things to harmonize. Unhealthy enmeshments with oneself, people and situations are released.

The course will also include

  1. The essence of Yoga
  2. Applied Yoga philosophy
  3. Embodying a Yoga life
  4. Classical yoga forms like hata yoga, raja yoga, gnaya yoga , karma and bakthi yoga
  5. The different limbs of  Classical Ashtanga yoga.
  6. Recognizing ones spiritual self
  7. Yogic diet and living an Organic life
  8. Yogic self awareness and awareness of flow of prana in ones system
  9. Yogic Mind power
  10. Principles of active surrender to the divine consciousness
  11. Mantra sadhana
  12. Clearing and opening the Chakras and recognizing your spiritual connection
  13. Preparing the system for true meditation
  14. Relate to asanas as tuning into states of being
  15. Alignment of body, emotions and mind with the divine
  16. Pranayamas to release pain and energy blocks and remove the veil that prevents us from truly SEEing
  17. Teaching practice where one becomes the teachings

Fee: $3,950 CAD+ $700 for retreat ( if paid in full)
Rs 90,000 for Indians living in India
Payment options can be discussed

You are welcome to download the registration forms from here –
Non refundable $50 processing fee Or Rs 500

May peace pervade your life.

This 35 hour program teaches the fundamental principles of the great science and art of Yoga.  This programme will enable one to apprentice as a trainer for the 3M Magic FUNshop that Arkaya has developed.  The training will be conducted by Yogacharini Maitreyi.  Attendance of a 3M Magic Funshop as well as public classes will also be included. Opportunities to apprentice as a trainer at Arkaya will be available.

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Regular yoga classes for adults and children


Regular Yoga classes are held once a week Fee in Chennai Rs 800 a month or Rs 2,000 for three months

Fee in Vancouver $65 for a month or $150 for three months

If more than 6 people are available at your venue a teacher can be organised

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 Invoke Your Inner Goddess and God

For self awareness and empowerment

With Yogacharini Maitreyi

Join us for a nurturing evening of befriending your divine feminine. Learn practices to be both soft and strong, gentle and firm, creative and focused , accepting as well as respecting boundaries and both aligned and free flowing. Feel the feminine divine dance within you to a point of stillness where both the feminine and masculine are one.

Please wear clothes that express and celebrate the Goddess/God in you. They also need to be comfortable enough to enable you to participate in a gentle classical yoga session. Bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water and blanket for shava asana. You will also hear stories about what these goddesses exude.

  • Get initiated into befriending the inner Goddesses you need during a particular phase of your life
  • Learn about and invoke the three primary goddesses in the Hindu and Yogic tradition.
  • Look at them as symbols for certain qualities, rather than religious symbols
  • Build qualities in you like courage, abundance, love, discernment and wisdom.
  • Know how to be fierce yet choose to be gentle and kind.
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to evoke qualities of the mother spirit within.
  • Nurture yourself and release traumas.
  • Men will also benefit by accessing the feminine energy in them, which is an indicator of balance.
  • Learn yoga asanas and pranayamas to build your inner resources
  • Be inspired and move to newer levels of being
  • Bajans/Kirtan ( devotional song) to invoke the energy of the goddesses

Keep days relatively relaxed as there will be some gentle cleansing and shifts in ones consciousness and life situations. When you consciously slow down you will speeden up positive happenings.

Yogacharini Maitreyi conducts Arkaya Teacher Training programmes for those who would like to go deeper.

One becomes the teachings through the integration process in the programme. To become teachers the foundation course is the first segment.

The foundation (yoga bija) course (30hrs +5 hrs) can be done independently as well

Maitreyi is in Vancouver usually for the summers and the next Foundation course will after April 2012 when she arrives back into Vancouver.




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