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Mr Paul James, a well wisher of Arkaya has started a separate division for soft skills training.

He has a pre-doctorate in training needs analysis

Various programs like,

Leadership skills

Team Building

Presentation Skills

and other Customised programs are conducted with high quality trainers for various budgets.


Organisations trained in various programs


Paul JamesPaul James is the founder of PSCS ( People solutions, consulting services) , a HR consulting firm.

He is an Industrial Relations specialist. He takes a humanistic approach and brings resolution and results with his down to earth and strategic execution.

He consults for companies like BMW,ATC tyres, Visteon and Rane

Our Associate firm, PSCS also conducts Employee satisfaction surveys, which are highly valued by top companies like Rane, Vedantha etc

For more details contact pauljames7@live.com and go to pscs.in