About Arkaya

Yogacharini Maitreyi meditatingArkaya ( light, healer , inspiration) came into being in 2000, when Yogacharini Maitreyi was called to dedicate more of her time to a Life in Light.  Maitreyi was drawn to the yogic life as a young child and started teaching yoga in 1997. Arkaya  came into being, when she realized she needed to create a sanctuary for all to rise above old Self defeating habits, that did not serve source.

Arkaya as an institution had its beginning in Chennai in South India. Then Maitreyi started sharing and training in various cities in India like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Calcutta. She also travelled to countries like Sweden , Bangladesh and Srilanka to teach. She trained people from various walks of life and across age groups. She taught prisoners, monks, management students , CEOs, business owners, Vice presidents and children.

In 2005 she got her permanent residency in Canada. She had envisioned living in a place close to nature , conducive for holistic health and spiritual growth and it is no co-incidence she ended up living in Vancouver. She started teaching briefly in Vancouver in 2007 when she stayed in Vancouver for 2 months before returning to India to take care of things there. She then started staying for longer in Vancouver and returning to India every winter. Now Arkaya Yoga is taught by her and her teachers in many parts of the world.

Maitreyi dreamed of Arkaya teachers  who could become vehicles of pure consciousness. Even if those who did the longer course did not want to teach they would hold the space for goodness and beauty to unfold in their own lives and the lives of others. That is why the Arkaya Yoga teacher training is also titled the Enlightened Leadership program where participants could lighten up and lead themselves to a life of harmony.

They would connect to the divine through intention/connective practices like conscious prayer and having a clean lifestyle .  They would learn to savour themselves and life. They would have a lightness of spirit, being able to laugh at themselves and life’s idiosyncrasies.

Maitreyi’s dream of building a wordwide conscious, loving community has beautifully fallen into place. Maitreyi also started a foundation for children who live in the slums in Chennai and saw that as an extension of the love she shares. More inspired people are welcome to join the Arkaya community.

Life is a dream, an endless sea of possibilities.
Let me choose an ideal, not a fantasy.
Let me move towards life, not disharmony.
Let me not create a nightmare but a beautiful dream.

Let me love with fullness, yet detach and if needed grieve.
Let my belly ache only because I have laughed so much,
At myself and life’s idiosyncrasies.
If I must be part of this leela, ( cosmic play) then let what unfolds be a romantic comedy.
                                      Yogacharini Maitreyi


Paul JamesPaul James, who is the founder of PSCS, a consultant and business associate started a wing of Arkaya for soft skills training and recruitments in Chennai. He has done his Doctorate studies in training need analysis and his passion is Organisational Development. He consults for top companies and conducts employee satisfaction surveys. For his details go to www.pscs.in